All posts by: Daniel Murphy

Costa Rica Lesson: Drive with Confidence

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – It's an incredibly steep, curvy, dangerous, two-mile long driveway up a dark mountain of death. Adventure went out the window 500 feet back: My vacation is officially terrifying.

Costa Rica Lesson: Jump Naked into Waterfalls

When you’re young and you dream about the day when you, your girlfriend, and a Latin American man who you just met will ride horses to a secluded mountain oasis, undress and take pictures of one another, it always seems awkward. It’s not.  

So You Wanna See a Thai Sex Show

BANGKOK, THAILAND – I throw the money down on the table and stare the woman in the eye. Somewhere behind me on stage a woman is doing something unbelievable with her vagina. The tension is palpable. Brooke makes the next move: She grabs my hand and says, "Let's go."

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