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Postcards tagged: Horse Racing

My Derby Diary

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – What's it like to be at the races? We got the play-by-play from a Southern gentleman who knows that it's not just about winning the bet but also wearing the right hat.

A Horse's Gamble in Windsor

WINDSOR, England – Sadly, I had no time to tour the great Windsor Castle, nor Eton College. The races were starting at 14:25, and bets had to be placed.

Royal Ascot: Big Day at the Races

Forget the Queen. Let's talk about the Model U.N. that is international racing. Exotic Middle Eastern sheikhs mingle with dashing Frenchies and loudmouth yanks.

Kentucky Derby: Lexington Essentials

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – Heading to horse country for the races? Not without knowing where to eat, shop, buy hats, and go antiquing, you don't. Check it out, y'all.

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