Postcards tagged: Horse Racing

My Derby Diary

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – What's it like to be at the races? We got the play-by-play from a Southern gentleman who knows that it's not just about winning the bet but also wearing the right hat.

A Horse's Gamble in Windsor

WINDSOR, England – Sadly, I had no time to tour the great Windsor Castle, nor Eton College. The races were starting at 14:25, and bets had to be placed.

Royal Ascot: Big Day at the Races

ASCOT – Forget the Queen. Let's talk about the Model U.N. that is international racing. Exotic Middle Eastern sheikhs mingle with dashing Frenchies and loudmouth yanks.

Kentucky Derby: Lexington Essentials

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – Heading to horse country for the races? Not without knowing where to eat, shop, buy hats, and go antiquing, you don't. Check it out, y'all.

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