Postcards tagged: Life Changing

Around the World in 547 Days

SOMEWHERE ON EARTH – Imagine quitting your job and hitting the road for more than a year. These two modern nomads are living the gridskiping dream, and we have the photos to prove it. 

For the Love of the Dog

GUATEMALA – I was hellbent on delivering this beast to domesticated safety in Seattle. My boyfriend expected coffee. I brought home a feral street dog from a developing country.  

Indiana Jane's Zambia Adventures

ZAMBIA – Newborn giraffes, charging rhinos, lazy lions, and beckoning waterfalls welcomed our adventure-seeker on her dream safari.

Antarctica: Vast White Wilderness

ROSS ICE SHELF, ANTARCTICA – You are so disoriented, there is nothing to give you a sense of scale (except your own body), and so you forget that you exist in order to be transformed by the frozen desert.

Uganda in View

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Other than our cameras we had no remnants of our lives outside the camps. We had no journals, no music, and nothing to do. Our neighbors were thousands of Ugandans, many of them orphaned children and former child soldiers. Outside our huts were pigs, and chickens, and ever-burning trash-heaps.

Kenya Diaries, Part 2: From the Ground Up

LAKE VICTORIA, Kenya – Lots of speeches, a warm Fanta, and several songs later, we had us a brand new school, with gleaming desks, fresh books, and a library in the works. 

Kenya Diaries, Part 1: Samburu Hokey Pokey

NAIROBI, Kenya – Four years ago, standing in the blazing sun in the middle of the African desert, I looked a Samburu tribeswoman in the eye and promised her we would build a school for her children.

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