Postcards tagged: Parents in Tow

Finding Neverland in Nevis

NEVIS, West Indies – You will likely float over a sea turtle, eel, or eagle ray, as we did on a regular basis. It’s that easy.

Tacos and Tequila with Grandma

SAYULITA, Mexico – The adventurous grandma picks the place, the lucky kids follow along. 3 Fl. Oz. co-founder Alexi Mintz discovers the secluded and beautiful Riviera Nayarit town. 

Mom and Me: Two Pilgrims Hiking in Spain

GALICIA, Spain − We traveled through forests, farmland, and tiny medieval villages. We and ate anchovy sandwiches at the cafe where Hemingway hung out during the running of the bulls.

The Mother of All India Trips

INDIA – Everyone who has traveled with parents has a horror story. When you travel with old people, the goal is not family bonding. The goal is to get them home alive. 

My 5 Favorite Things in Dublin

DUBLIN – When your business is beauty, what's memorable about Dublin? For 3 Fl. Oz. co-founder Kate Duff, it's a traditional pub. With great music, the nicest people, and REALLY good Guinness.

Hi Mom! Two Old Broads in NYC

Your elderly parents are coming to visit for a long weekend in New York City. What the hell are you going to do with them? Here's an itinerary that pleases kids and parents alike. 

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