Postcards tagged: Three-Day Weekend

Just Back From: Washington D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Not sure what the official local specialty is, but the trip's culinary highlights include homemade brown sugar and cinnamon pop tarts eaten at breakfast at Ted's Bulletin. 

Just Back From: Tulum

TULUM, Mexico – Watch out for eco hotels. They often have no electricity. That means no phone charger, no Internet, and no fans in the heat of the night. 

Where to Go from London

LONDON – When you've had your fill of that f*@#$%! tube, pick a direction and plot your city escape.

Laid Back on the North Fork

GREENPORT, New York – Greenport, located at the dwindling end of Long Island's North Fork, is smaller, sleepier, and weirder than anything you'd find in the Hamptons.

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