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Tell Us Your Story

Have you ever visited a place for a week and stayed a year? Lost your luggage but gained perspective? Shared a moment with a stranger across the world?

Then you, dear traveler, have a story.

And we want to hear it — and maybe publish it. To share it, fill in the form below, or email us at

Here are some helpful guidelines:

Content: Stories should relate to travel in some way. We'll take tales of adventure, coming-of-age stories, educational anecdotes, sobering reality checks, diary entries, and near-death experiences that seem funny because you are still alive. These are just examples. For more inspiration, check out the Postcards.

Format: First person, second person, third person. Ideally between 300 and 1000 words.

Consent: Has this story ever been published? If so, tell us where. (We like to give proper credit.)

Response: We will be in touch if we can publish your story.

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