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See It to Believe It: North Korea's Stunning Mass Games

by Debbie Pappyn and David De Vleeschauwer

A show of unity, discipline, and immense proportions. All photos by David De Vleeschauwer.

Until we read Classe Touriste's story about How to Get into North Korea, we had never even heard of the massive Mass Games. The photos are amazing. (There's a reason Classe Touriste is one of Fathom's Best Travel Blogs of 2014.)

PYONGYANG, North Korea – More than 100,000 participants train for months to perform weekly from August to September for their compatriots and their leader. The Arirang Festival, or Mass Games, is a performance so grand, so graceful, so mind-blowing that you have to see it to believe it. Until you can get yourself into North Korea, you can click thought the photos that Classe Touriste took when they were there.



A State of Mind: The British documentary, produced with help from Koryo Tours founder Nick Bonner, follows two young child gymnasts training for the 2003 Mass Games.

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