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by Team Fathom
Photo by Tetsuya Ito / courtesy of Setouchi Cruise.

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Photo by Alicia Macías.

Former Adult Theater in Madrid Turns a New Leaf

Loving this grand, multi-level gathering space in Madrid. It used to be an adult movie theater. Enter a band of witty creatives and now it's a venue for events, conferences, music performances, and movies of a far more tasteful kind. In addition to having a food and drink operation, the space borders a reformatted mansion housing a design shop, art bookstore, and art gallery. – Daniel, Fathom editor

Give a Big Hug to a Tiny Pony Via Mini-Moments in Napa

Are we in the the midst of an equine moment? It seems like everyone I know is going to or just came back from some kind of therapeutic horseback riding trip. In the Napa Valley, Jamieson Ranch Vineyards is offering guests the opportunity enjoy a wine tasting while interacting with a trio of miniature horses trained as therapy animals. In case you are wondering, their names are Whinnie the Pooh, Sweet Jane, and Molly, and they clock in at 38 inches in height. – Jeralyn, editorial director

A Different Kind of Food Guide to Paris

I was totally charmed by the first season of Alice in Paris, a quirky short-form scripted series that follows an energetic young women on her hunt to find the best places to eat in and around the city. I'm excited to watch the second season, which includes a jaunt to the South of France. I will diligently be taking notes for my next visit. – Berit, senior editor

Photo by Pedro Cruz.

In Portugal, the Biggest Wave Ever Ridden

Rodrigo Koxa took home the gold at World Surf League's 2018 Big Wave Awards for surfing the biggest wave ever ridden. It measured 80 feet and crashed on the shores of Nazaré, Portugal. The video of the feat in the link above is stunning and terrifying at the same time, but it's this photo that gives me a serious case of the chills. – Daniel, Fathom editor

Photo by Tetsuya Ito / courtesy of Setouchi Cruise.

A Dreamy Japanese Hotel Floating

Japan's Seto Inland Sea is a beauty I'd never tire of watching, which is why I was in awe of this particular cruise boat. The idea of traversing this serene landscape while floating in a Japanese cedar bathtub is almost too dreamy too handle, but I guess I'd have to make an effort. – Pauline, The Voyageur

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