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Links We Love: 03/02/19

by Team Fathom
Photo Photo courtesy of Atelier Vime.

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This is so far away from my reality — which is maybe why I love this packing list of 25 essentials for ocean field work. The tips are so good. Not only is there a coffee thermos that "laughs in the face of a rocking boat," but also lineman's pliers (which sound like a miracle tool) and specialty paper towel rolls (I didn't even know there was such a thing). – Jeralyn, editorial director

Take a peek inside the world of Atelier Vime, a contemporary French wicker company based in the village of Vallabrègues in Provence. – Berit, senior editor

A piece of my heart remains forever in Bologna, Italy — where I spent the best six months of my college years living and exploring. The proof is in the pasta of this magical place and I loved reading about sfogline or "pasta ladies" who knead and roll egg pasta by hand. — California

Some realness from Bon Appétit on the contradiction of "traveling like a local." – Daniel, editor

In London this week, I saw an unexpectedly moving exhibit at White Cube gallery. Tracey Emin's A Fortnight of Tears explores grief, insomnia, heartbreak, and loss. If you can't get to the show, click through the main image on the website to get a sense of the work. - Pavia, CEO

If you have an affinity for blue and white ceramics (like me), then you’ll appreciate this Instagram feed, which curates shards of beautiful antique ceramics from around Cape Town. – Berit

With the glorious Fat Tuesday celebration of Mardi Gras coming up on Tuesday and the result of over 50 tons of plastic beads thrown around the city (and eventually ending up in the Mississippi river) Louisiana State University biologist designed biodegradable Mardi Gras beads made from microalgae to party down to Carnaval in a sustainable fashion. — California, editorial intern

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Photo courtesy of Nizuc Resort and Spa.
Photo courtesy of Nizuc Resort and Spa.

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