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Links We Love: 1/12/2019

by Team Fathom
International A member of the International Creature Society in Borneo. Photo by Scott MacDonough.

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Hats off to Iceland's postal service: They managed to deliver this letter with a hand-drawn map as an address to its intended destination. – Daniel, editor

Hoping I can become an honorary member of the International Creature Society, a private club comprised of all the creatures of the world and one ambassador to humans, who documents their meetings and takes notes. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Surfacing this sixteen-day Okinawan itinerary from The Voyageur, one of 2019's Best Travel Blogs and Websites, because in 2019, what I wouldn't give to spend sixteen days in Japan. – Daniel

2019 marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Who would've thought bits of it would end up all over the world? Example: This big piece standing in the center of Sofia, Bulgaria. – Tsvetomira, Spotted by Locals

This weekend's plans include an afternoon at Industry City's Japan Village. The new food hall and grocery store delves into Japanese culture with stalls selling everything from ramen to whiskey.– Berit, senior editor

My new favorite travel tip: Alaska Air will let you check a case of wine (12 bottles) for free when flying out of 29 West Coast cities, including Santa Rosa, Santa Barbara, LA, Seattle and Portland. You have to be an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member (it's free to sign up) and your wine must be packed properly, but then it's smooth sipping from there. – Amelia, WordSmith

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