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Links We Love: 12/8/2018

by Team Fathom
Stamba Photo courtesy of Stamba Hotel.

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I am really digging Ace Hotel's collaboration with on a cool holiday line of unisex travel stuff, like an eye mask, slippers, and travel duffle. Prices start at $35. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Adjara Group, the firm behind Fathom favorite hotel Rooms Tbilisi, just opened another incredible-looking boutique in Georgia's capital. Stamba Hotel, located in a former printing house, rocks massive rooms, a co-working space, a chocolate factory, an amphitheater, and even a fleet of helicopters available for charter. – Daniel, Fathom editor

Over the past five or so years, I’ve followed my old friend Jedidiah Jenkins on Instagram as he took a journey that many dream of, but few actually pursue: a 14,000 mile bike ride from Oregon to Patagonia. Like many of his followers, I can’t wait to delve into his new novel about the excursion, To Shake the Sleeping Self. If his Instagram journal of the trip is any indication, the book will be one beautiful, soul-stirring ride. — Larkin Clark, contributing editor

There's a new gift box in town, and it's peddling bucket-list-level travel experiences. It's called Tinggly (not the name I would've picked). Here's how it works: You pick a box containing hundreds of travel experiences curated around a given theme and gift it to a friend, who has up to five years to cash in on any one experience of their choice. – Daniel

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