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Links We Love: 2/16/2019

by Team Fathom
Photo The Finite Project. Photo by Zach Leon.

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I've had my Google Alerts set on Ethiopia for ages (GA is how I psych myself up to learn about places I want to visit), but I'm taking it to the next level with a paperback out this week on the evolution of modernist art in Ethiopia and how it relates to today's vibrant contemporary scene. – Jeralyn, editorial director

A river of 11,000 books glows from sidewalk to sidewalk in Ann Arbor, Michigan's Literature vs Traffic installation, creating a space for quiet reflection on the value of public spaces and the absence of noise pollution. Volunteers attached small lights to the books, which were gifted back out to the community when the project was wrapped up — visitors were encouraged to take books with them when they left, leaving the streets clean and empty by midnight. Luzinterruptus is a Spanish design collective that is traveling the world, collecting volumes in each location for these city-specific installations. — California, intern

Dreaming about a stay at Can Lis, the former summer estate of Danish architect Jørn Utzon on the cliffs by Portopetro in southeast Mallorca. The minimal sandstone villa is available to architects and students through the Utzon Foundation. – Berit, senior editor

Writer and Fathom contributor Margueritte Richards wants to offer a counter narrative to the stereotypical portrayal of Muslims in the media. She's calling for submissions for first-person, literary non-fiction stories for her forthcoming anthology, The Ordinary Chaos of Being Human: Tales From Many Muslim Worlds. Have a personal anecdote to share? Check out the guidelines and submission form and get yours in before March 10. – Jeralyn

Equinox Hotels announced its June 2019 opening at NYC's Hudson Yards with a stylish Nick Knight-directed video of Naomi Campbell dancing, crawling, mountain-posing, and eating a cherry (close-up on big, glossy lips) in a mirrored and pulsating infinity room. “For those who want it all,” reads the tag line. What any of this has to do with a new hotel remains most definitely unclear. - Pavia, CEP

Italy-based Fairbnb pitches itself as a more sustainable holiday-rental program and intends to invest half its profits back into the community to ensure tourism benefits local communities. — California

Organizing all of my travel reward accounts with the help of Points Loyalty Wallet, a free dashboard that allows you to keep tabs on loyalty program balances, exchange points and miles, and more, all in one place.– Berit

Loving the work of travel photographer Zach Leon. His body of work, The Finite Project, is a refreshing take on travel storytelling. His videos — of travels in Estonia, the Balkans, and farther afield, are particular favorites. – Daniel, editor

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