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Links We Love: 2/2/2019

by Team Fathom
Sukoon, Roaming by houseboat in India. Photo courtesy of Sukoon.

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Absolutely enchanted by this hundred-year-old bohemian guide to Greenwich Village dug up by the ever-curious folks at Messy Nessy Chic. – Daniel, editor

This is the last weekend to see Gray Area (Authenticity, Value, and Subversion in Fashion), an exhibition by post-grads in the NYU Costume Studies program. — Pavia, CEO

All the Oscar buzz regarding Roma got me thinking about this old-school article on the literary masterpiece that is Mexico City's trove of street names. To quote one favorite passage, "This is not a place where people live on 88th and Third, as in Manhattan, or 35th and P, as in Washington. This is a place where people live on Heart and on Soul. They live on Forest of Light, Mirror of Water, Forest of Miracles, Garden of Memories, Tree of Fire, Forest of Secrets, Sea of Dreams." – Jeralyn, editorial director

If I could go anywhere in the world right now, India is definitely on my short list; and this roundup of the country’s most beautiful hotels is pushing it towards the top. - Berit, senior editor

If this week is any indication of what winter in NYC will be like in 2019, my inbox will surely flood with warm-weather trip requests from freezing friends and friends of friends. In anticipation, I'm stockpiling charming, under-the-radar hotels and inns in my favorite sunny destinations. On the list: Life House Little Havana, a 1920s tropical mansion in the heart of Cuban Miami. – Jeralyn

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