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24 Best Travelers on Steller, the Storytelling App Everyone Should Know About

by Team Fathom

Photo courtesy of Steller.

There's nothing like a fresh travel high to sharpen storytelling skills and generate excitement. You can tell when someone has recently returned from a trip: Their voice is animated, they have an endless stream of photos to share, and, if they work at our office, they've most certainly brought back a few foreign snacks to share with the team. (All in the name of research.) 

We admit it: We're addicted to the high. It's one of the reasons why we've fallen for storytelling app Steller. The platform has quickly become one of our favorite places to learn about destinations and discover and share photos and stories with fellow travelers.

You may already know about Steller, or you may remember it from our most recent 24 Best Travel Apps list. The virtual community makes it easy to create beautiful short-form stories right from your phone using personal photos, copy, and video clips. The app comes with readymade templates to help you design with ease. Sure, it's more time consuming than Twitter and Instagram, but the outcome is worth the effort.

We couldn't resist pulling together a few of our favorite travelers making waves on the app. As with our other 24 Best Lists, we spent a ton of time researching and debating to find a dedicated and innovative group to share with you. These 24 individuals are using Steller to share their best travel photos and stories in a visually exciting and compelling way. We can't wait for you to start exploring.

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