The Roundup

Truly Canadian: 7 Neighborhoods, 20 Global Eats

by Team Fathom
Bites from Caplansky's Deli, Brick Street Bakery, Delfina Pizza, and Paulette's.

Hungry for the new taste of Toronto? With a pinch from this neighborhood and a dash from that one, you can craft your own day of fusion.

Distillery District

Classy Victorian architecture sets the tone for some of the coolest eating spaces.
Japanese: Guu Izakaya
Mayan: Soma Chocolate
British: Brick Street Bakery


It's raw, warehousey, and cheap, and billed as the next West Queen West.
Vietnamese: Pho Huong (394 Pacific Ave.)
Mexican: La Revolucion
Italian: Vesuvio Pizza

Kensington Market

An eclectic jumble of grocers, cafes, bars, and shops where you can pick up ingredients (tortillas, coffee, Asian fruits) or sit down for a whole meal (burritos of a lifetime, lazy brunch).
Chilean: El Gordo
Mexican: La Tortilleria
Spanish: Torito

Paulette's Chicken and Donuts

Photo: Courtesy of Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken. 


The current heartbeat of the food world resides in this super hot 'hood.
Global: Leslieville Cheese Market
French: Bonjour Brioche and Bakery
Truly Canadian: Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken

Little Italy

Old mafioso meets new-age club kids. Makes for some interesting people-watching.
Jewish: Caplansky's Deli
Truly Canadian: The Black Hoof

Roncesvalles Village

Revitalized Little Poland has cleared away pierogies and cabbage for fancy coffee, but eateries still retain a cozy, homegrown vibe.
Italian: Defina Pizza
Polish: Cafe Polonez
Truly Canadian: Maybels Bakery

Trinity Bellwood

Proximity to the enormous park is key for post-lunch napping.
Polish: Czehoski
French: Nadege
Truly Canadian: Foxley (207 Ossington Ave.)



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