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8 New Pantry Staples from Across the U.S.A.

by Valentina Rice

Add a little something sweet and smoky to your day. All photos courtesy of Many Kitchens.

There are pantries all over the country filled with the kind of small-batch, handmade, locally procured foodstuffs Valentina Rice has been after for years. The founder of Many Kitchens, an online marketplace showcasing specialty jams, chutneys, teas, truffles, breads, bitters and biscuits, celebrates the best of American tinkering in the kitchen. In her new book, Recipes from Many Kitchens, Rice curated recipes from some of her favorite makers, and it reads like a global feast.

One of the inspirations for starting Many Kitchens was beach plum jam. A deliciously distinctive sweet jam with just the right hint of tart that I have never found outside Cape Cod. It made me wonder what other pockets of gastronomic delicacies are hiding around the country. I started filling my cupboards with the best I could find and rounded up 8 incredible treats from local cooks and creators around the country.

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