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Want to Visit This Neighborhood Pop-Up Shop in LA? All You Need Is WiFi

by Ruby Nichols
Almanac From Almanac of Style's Eastside LA lookbook. Photo by Aubrey Devin.

Fathom contributor Ruby Nichols launches an online neighborhood pop-up shop on her website, Almanac of Style. Fathom readers can take 20 percent off their order with the code SAVE20.

Almanac Of Style has always been about celebrating creative communities and the local talent within them. My dream has been to offer a platform for discovering these special communities and to allow people to support them by shopping small. It's been a long time coming, but my Los Angeles neighborhood pop-up is finally here. I've been working with cool local designers to offer custom, limited-edition pieces made exclusively for AOS, as well as mini collections from local boutiques. We will feature a new neighborhood each season.

This season focuses on the artisan handiwork coming out of Eastside LA, which includes popular neighborhoods like Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Los Feliz, and Mount Washington — places that have garnered quite the reputation for breeding top-notch creative talent in Los Angeles. There are so many good things being made here! Take a look around (without having to leave your laptop).

Tassel Earring

Tassel Earrings by SJO Jewelry

It seems every girl's gone wild for tassels, and I'm no exception. These are the perfect statement earrings in the perfect autumnal jewel-tone hues. SJO Jewelry makes them all by hand in Los Feliz using Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and vintage and glass beads. As an exclusive capsule collection for AOS, only a handful of each are available. ($90)

Smells Fresh

Eau De Parfum Discovery Kit by Los Feliz Botanicals 

Los Feliz Botanicals made me completely rethink perfume. Memories of gagging in department stores as overwhelming fumes were spritzed in my face turned me off scent for years. Then I took a whiff of Yucca Valley, the botanical fragrance hand-poured in LA and inspired by California's iconic landscapes. It's light and refreshing and lingers just long enough. It's also free of synthetic irritants typically found in perfumes. Each scent continues to delight. It's too hard to pick just one. I say get the whole kit. ($15)

Ceramic Bowls

Black Melange Catchalls by Black Mountain Ceramics

These colors are simply sublime. Though Black Mountain Ceramics has become known for her graphic patterns, her Melangé Collection is one of my favorites. These catch-alls are inspired by Japanese ink wash paintings and feature soft pastel brushstrokes layered on black matte clay. There's also a beautiful planter version. Each piece is unique due to its handmade quality. ($40)

Baby Moccs

Moonbeam Baby Moccasins by Camper General Store

Who can resist tiny baby mocs? They're vegetable-tanned, block-printed by hand, and inspired by camping under the moon. They start light in color and naturally deepen with the warm glow of the sun. ($60)

Vintage Case

Vintage Cigarette Case from Night Palm

The theme of our house is “ethnic eclectic,” and this stunning vintage brass cigarette case would make the perfect addition. The Deco design with colorful animal etchings makes it an instant conversation piece and old treasure. ($120)

Buried Under Snow Dish

Buried Under Snow Dish by Rami Kim

I cannot get over how ridiculously charming this piece is. Pour some salt in the dish and voila! There's a face staring back at you — buried in the “snow." Now try not to smile. The face is hand-painted using 22-karat gold luster. No two faces are alike. ($140)

The Meadow Rose Wine

The Meadow Rose from Silver Lake Wine

Admittedly not a wino (I'm a liquor girl, what can I say?), I've slowly become a fan of rosé over the past few years. There's just something about daytime drinking pink stuff in the California sun. One of my favorites is from local Angeleno Wine Company. Perfectly crisp and light, it's magic in a bottle. ($22)

Green Onyx Earrings

Green Onyx Chandelier Earrings by House Of Who

My mouth dropped when I saw these, and I haven't been able to take my eyes off of them since. These dramatic chandelier earrings are one of a kind, made from chrysoprase, aura chrysoprase, and green onyx. The magical stones supposedly bring gifts. Green onyx brings abundance, good fortune, success, and friendship. Chrysoprase encourages self-love and brings good fortune, prosperity, and joy. ($152)

Miso Bowl

Miso Bowl by Knotwork LA

A beautiful, handmade miso bowl by Knotwork LA has dashes of white, peachy pink, or pale blue on a speckled stoneware body. They feel as good in your hands as they look on the page. ($52)

Tall Tee

Tall Tee in Jewel Wash by LACAUSA

I normally don't consider myself a big fan of tie-dye, but if I were ever to rock it, it would be in this vintage jewel-wash tee. The oversized boyfriend fit has a cool, laid-back vibe and can be worn any way you like, including tied in a knot, Cali style. ($77)

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