To Your Health

Retreats for Everything That Ails You

by Team Fathom
Ananda Photo courtesy of Ananda in the Himalayas.
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It’s spring and we’re seeing regrowth and regeneration all around us. Seems like everyone we talk to is moving homes, changing jobs, and getting out their blahs somehow. Maybe you’ve been tending to yourself a little more since January, but this time of year feels like the best time to plant seeds and burst into bloom.
We put together great options for where to go when you want to:

  • Fix your relationship
  • Feel like an athlete
  • Detox your brain
  • Detox your body
  • Finally get a good night’s sleep

Fall deeply in love (and stay there) with help from the world’s leading couples counselors, learn to train like a top dog from gold-medal Olympians, give your brain the silent treatment for an entire week, do a top-to-bottom cleanse, and find deep peace (and the best Zzzs ever) in a supremely chill mountain setting.

I want to live happily ever after. (A.k.a. My partner and I have some shit to work out.)

I’d like to deepen my relationship — or salvage what’s broken.

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