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Paint-by-Country: Traveling Around the Color Wheel

by Madison Cuthbertson

The Blue City: Chefchaouen, Morocco. All photos by Madison Cuthbertson.

After a year abroad in Paris, Fathom intern and photographer Madison Cuthbertson takes us on a whirlwind tour of places she visited through the lens of her camera, matching cities and countries with colors that she feels speak to the distinct place and culture.

The idea of associating colors with places popped into my head after a few months of wandering through the white-washed streets of Paris, immersed in the gray, cream, and beige that coats the buildings, the neighborhoods, and the sky. Awestruck in Chefchaouen, Morocco (also known as the Blue City), the notion of affixing a color to a place came to me again. Looking back through my photo archives, I began to notice the orange buildings of Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, the golden details in the markets of Kadıköy in Istanbul. The colors naturally revealed themselves all over the world

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