Fathom's (Mostly Legal) Guide to Cuba

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The beauty in Cuba's rough side. Photo: Jeralyn Gerba

We made it to Cuba. Now we're spilling our secrets. Check our guide for the know-how to make your trip happen.


Why you should choose small B&Bs instead of hotels, the best restaurants in Havana, and can't-miss spots to cool down, heat up, and watch the hummingbirds frolic.


What to read to keep up with local conversation. How to secure visas and permits. Who to call to make the trip happen. It's easier than you think: Cuba Cheat Sheet.

Plus! First impressions from Fathom editors on the ground in Havana.


A look at Cuba's quiet side, an artist's search for her family, and a trip through Hemingway's Havana, and more Cuba itineraries.


Fathom's Cuba Guide

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