The Roundup

Nurture in Nature: Eleven Off-the-Grid Retreats for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

by Team Fathom

Let it all hang out. In Maui. (Why not?) Photo courtesy of Lumeria.

Detox bootcamps with daily massages. Secluded cabins with biodynamic dining menus. Hot spring soaks under a canopy of stars. Taking a vacation to improve your health is already enough justification for spending time swimming, surfing, hiking, and soaking up vitamin C. But add an eco-conscious element to the mix, and you're helping body, mind, spirit, and Mother Nature. It's a win-win-win-win at our favorite natural spas and eco retreats from Maui to Mexico to the Rocky Mountains.


Spas for Mind, Body, Spirit, and Earth (Slideshow)

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