Travel Loot

A Travel Photographer’s 10 Packing Essentials

by Emily Nathan

Tiny Atlas Solas camera bag. Photo by Emily Nathan.

Travel photographer and Tiny Atlas Quarterly founder Emily Nathan knows a thing or two about snapping a good photo. This month, the 24 Best Travel Photographer took the knowledge she’s gained photographing the world to create a camera bag that is both handsome and functional. We asked Nathan to unpack her bag and share the gear she can’t travel without.

As a commercial photographer and travel magazine founder, I'm often on the road. Travel is a way of life for me and I have, literally, built a life around it.

Along with entrepreneurship and travel comes adventure, exploration, and trying new things. I'm doing my best to pare down to the basics. Keeping it simple with one carryall for a day shoot is usually my goal: camera, memory cards, small laptop, camera lenses, extra layer of clothing, maybe a bathing suit, and go.

With that in mind, my latest venture is a collaboration on a beautiful camera bag with San Francisco-based Alite Designs, a great outdoor company founded by former North Face creative director Tae Kim (we recently launched on Kickstarter). It's cool and simple, while still highly protective of cameras, laptops, technical gear, and personal items. Let's get down to specifics. Here are my 10 essential items for a day out on a shoot.

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