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Things Fathom Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 14

by Team Fathom
Blunt An expertly engineered travel umbrella from New Zealand. Photo courtesy of Blunt Umbrella.

In an effort to uncover the best in travel, we spend a lot of time traversing the world — and the world wide web. Here are the goods we can't stop thinking and talking about this month.

Weekend Journals: Provence

As the dark days of winter begin their descent on New York City, I’m dreaming about warm summer days somewhere far away like Provence. The latest edition of Weekend Journals, a new-to-me series of books for design-conscious travelers, digs deep with a collection of the best hotels, restaurants, and shops in Southern France’s most picturesque region. (£15) – Berit, senior editor

Bartaile C12 Backpack

A classic story: Two college pals with a shared love of travel (Amina and Felicia ) can't find a backpack they like, so they design one, launch a successful Kickstarter campaign, and are now in business. A not-so-classic story: One woman with unwanted back pains from lugging her laptop in a tote (me) looks for a chic backpack option and finds a beautifully structured one in charcoal grey with contrasting blue lining and thoughtful interior pockets. The company's name was inspired by the bar-tailed godwit, a bird that can fly nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand — 7,000 miles in 8 days. That humbles my Chelsea to Wall Street commute. (From $185) — Pavia, CEO

Food Map of Vietnam Poster

I'm visiting Hanoi in a few weeks, and I'm already thinking about all the Vietnamese souvenirs I'm going to bring back. This one, however, comes from Jodi Ettenberg, the former lawyer behind Fathom Favorite travel blog Legal Nomads, who is currently on hiatus from her website after being diagnosed with a CSF leak, a debilitating condition that is not well known. (Read her story here.) She's taking an indefinite break from travel, but her online shop, where she sells artwork inspired by the places she's been, is still open. (From $18) – Daniel, editor

Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde

For anyone remotely interested in the cultural identity of Russia (guilty as charged), this collection of 250 film posters from the pre-Stalin Soviet era of the 1920s and 1930s makes a great present. I may even get it for myself to flip through when I’m feeling like a trip down the rabbit hole to an unfamiliar but fascinating past. ($20) – Daniel

KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee

The nutrient-rich powerhouse brew is packed with antioxidants from the coffee fruit, which are typically discarded in most cup-o-joes. After roasting, beans are steeped in cold water for more than sixteen hours, resulting in a smooth brew with twice the caffeine of a regular cup of of coffee. It's a guaranteed pick-me-up for the weary. ($16.99 for a six-pack) – Alaina, intern

Skyroam Solis Hotspot

Last month, while hiking Dragon’s Back, a scenic ridge on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island, I pleased to find myself with crystal clear WiFi service. The portable hotspot was tucked away in my backpack, barely weighed anything, and was able to transmit service to both my cell phone and the cell phone of my travel companion. There’s an upfront cost of $150 for the hotspot, but once you’ve made the investment, a global WiFi daypass costs a mere $8, which feels like a steal when compared to the international plan offered by my cell phone provider. It also doubles as a battery pack. (From $150) – Berit

Blunt Metro Umbrella

I’m the kind of guy who will (unintentionally!) lose or break any umbrella I get my hands on. Chalk it up to bad luck … or bad umbrellas. I hope all of that changes once I start using this expertly engineered travel umbrella, which was designed in New Zealand to withstand winds up to 55 mph without blowing out. The only thing missing is a tracker to prevent me from leaving it in restaurants. ($60) – Daniel

Ace Hotel Collaborative Blankets

I recently had the pleasure of meeting some of the fine brains cultivating the culture at the insanely popular Ace Hotels. It made me think about how powerful it is when brands tap into the zeitgeist. I came across this particular blanket sold in their gift shop, one of a series of hotel-specific bedspreads made in collaboration with Pendleton. Sure, they say it's a tribute to cinema (it's made for their Downtown LA property), but something about it feels politically and psychologically current right now. ($180) - Jeralyn, editorial director

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