Best Day Ever

Feeling the Chill: Glaciers, Ice Miners, and Boozy Snow Cones

by Team Fathom

Freeze frames. Photo by Sam Margevicious.

New York City's first blizzard of 2015 blanketed the streets with several inches of snow. 

And we couldn't have asked for a better stage for the Fathom + Jungles of Paris cocktail party, a gallery showcase embracing the ice caps of Ecuador, the windscapes of Antarctica, and the glacier water of Iceland.

Film, sound, and artwork pertaining to the icy theme were exhibited at the white box gallery RYAN LEE in Chelsea. Photographic work from Seoul-based artist Sangbin IM's recent trip to Antarctica hung next to abstract ice images by Greg Broom. The Last Ice Merchant, a beautiful documentary by Sandy Patch about the last ice miner in Ecuador, played in an adjacent screening room. A soundscape of wind and ice, recorded by Phantom Limb, played on loop between showings.

Many, many thanks to Reyka, the small-batch Icelandic vodka we used to spike snow cones (from handshaved ice). And to Icelandic Glacial, Bluepoint Brewing Company, and our pals at WineAwesomeness for quenching our thirst with sustainable water, microbrews, and crisp California whites. Laiki crackers were just the crunchy snack we needed to soak up all that booze.

And brave the snow outside.


Check out the scene. (Slideshow)


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