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Call Fathom's Travel Concierge to Plan Your Unforgettable Vacation

by Team Fathom
The world awaits. Photo by Jasper Van Der Meij / Unsplash.

We want to make it easier for you to travel. That means giving you great ideas (inspiration!) — and also arranging and booking your trip (action!). That's why we launched the Fathom Travel Concierge. We work in partnership with tested and trusted travel advisors around the world and can help you with advice, reservations, plans, experiences, and the extras that make a trip unforgettable.

Why Work With a Travel Planner?

What's the benefit to hiring someone to help with your travel plans? Think of it like getting in shape: Sure, you could go to the gym and work out on your own, but you'll get better results faster if you hire a personal trainer to help. It's the same when you work with a travel advisor: You get to leverage their insider knowledge and are spared the hassle of trying to figure it out on your own.

Read more about how we work and our rates in our FAQ

Our Services

Hotel Reservations

If you need a reservation and want access to the perks we usually get (i.e. free breakfast, WiFi, and room upgrades) — and not the fake-out prices listed on giant booking sites — we can handle it. We specialize in independent, boutique, and luxury hotels that start at $400/night.

Travel Advice

If you want help with planning a trip but are on a budget, don’t need white-glove service, and/or plan to stay in Airbnbs or use points to book your hotel, our consultation service will give you the guidance you need for a great trip. (Consider this the premium economy version of a travel concierge.) 

Full Trip Planning

This is the option if you want the whole trip custom-designed to you — airport transfers, daily activities, hotel reservations, and special extras — and your budget is at least $10,000/week (not including flights).

Our Fee

Our rate is $500/hour. 

Ready to Start?

Let's get going!

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