Fathom Questionnaire

Meet the founders of NOTED: Tiffany Winter and Oliver Laubscher

by Tiffany Winter and Oliver Laubscher

Hometown: NYC by heart, London (Tiffany) and Zurich (Oli) by birth.

Occupation: Founders of NOTED Places.

Favorite destinations:
To eat: Prime Meats, Brooklyn; La Huella, Jose Ignacio.
To stay: Il Pelicano, Tuscany; Cap Rocat, Mallorca.
To play: Burning Man, Nevada Desert; New Years Eve in Trancoso, Brazil.

Dying to visit: Colombia, Vietnam, Albanian Coast, Botswana, World Cup in Brazil.

Bizarre travel rituals: 
Tiffany: I always bring my own food on the plane, regardless what class I travel in.
Oli: I always pat the plane door when getting on the plane for a good journey.

In-flight relaxation regime: We connect our headphones and watch movies together.

Always in carry-on:
Tiffany: TIME magazine, headphones, iPad, almonds, and face wipes.
Oli: Plenty of reading material — WIRED, Fast Company, Financial Times, New Yorker, and Monocle.

Concierge or DIY? DIY. NOTED Places, our app, means we have all the recommendations in our pocket.

See it all or take it easy? See it all, although we're trying to take it a bit easier on future trips.

Drive or be driven? Drive when there is no roof, be driven when there is a roof.

Travel hero: TinTin.

Weirdest thing seen on travels:
Tiffany: Getting to meet Karl Lagerfeld's Diet Coke butler in Paris.
Oli: I lived in Sarajevo for a while and had a pig slaughtered in my name at a dinner party.

Best hotel amenity: The bathtub in the middle of the room at Soho House Berlin is epic.

We dream about our meal at Mango's in Anguilla. The freshest and most delicious seafood we've ever eaten.

Everywhere we go, we check out the local bars, anywhere with a view, and the oldest building there is.

When we arrive in a new place, we learn the lay of the land by getting in a car or going on foot to explore and make our own discoveries.

We always bring home memories, a suntan, and a few more friends.

If we never return to Las Vegas, it'll be too soon because we like the real deal.

We travel for the stories, the people, and the laughter.


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