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Travel Like You Mean It

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Photo: Alisa Gould-Simon

Times like these remind us of how important it is to band together as a community (locally and globally) and make the world a little more hospitable for one another. Fathom contributors have a few ideas on how to make your next trip count. 

Starting with a simple web search of "volunteer + vacation," architect Steven Lerner found an opportunity to try something new, to look beyond his own world, and volunteer his time in Peru — where he worked with other designers to build a greenhouse for schoolchildren.
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Amy Schoenberger heads to Morocco with some of the board members of Nest, a non-profit that gives loans to women artisans in developing countries and provides education, business training, and access to the Western market. 
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The Pachamama Alliance is a non-profit dedicated to protecting rain forests and the indigenous people who live within them, primarily in South America. Proceeds from their group trips benefit indigenous populations and specifically help rain forest communities in Ecuador protect their land from invading oil companies. Alisa Gould-Simon reports on her experience.
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Give monetary relief to the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or American Humane Society via text
Make an emergency gift to Fund for Trees at The New York Botanical Garden
- Check out Google's NYC Shelter Map and drop by an emergency shelter to lend a hand 

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