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In Focus: Out and About in Cuba

by Yonathan Moya

The former official residence of the governors of Havana. Photo courtesy of Yonathan Moya.

Our latest Instagram infatuation, Minnesota-based Yonathan Moya, travels the world as a missions coordinator for Experience Mission. On his last trip to Cuba, Moya spent a few days photographing the country from a local's perspective.

CUBA – Setting foot on Cuban soil can feel like a bit of a time warp. There are more classic-style cars on the road than current models, and modern architecture is nowhere to be found. But what stands out most are the people. Each visit is chance to experience their warmth and kindness. They care for each other in times of need. When someone is having a hard time, they gather to provide for each other. I witnessed this with my own eyes when I saw a group of neighbors pull together supplies for a family who had lost everything in a fire.

As missions coordinator for Experience Mission, I travel to Cuba a few times a year. On my latest visit to our neighboring island, I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Cuban friends who showed me around, took me into their homes, and gave me a firsthand look at the local culture.

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