Travel Loot

The Irish CozyMaker

by Pavia Rosati

No such thing as too many Avoca blankets

"Weaving a hug," it says on the tag, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better description once you’re wrapped in one of Avoca's cuddly throws, blankets, or scarves. Made of lambswool, cashmere, angora, mohair, linen, and cotton, the pieces come in solids and Irishy plaids and checks with optional embroidered touches. The family-run company has been in business since 1723, which is plenty of time to expand the product line to dresses and socks, soaps and perfume, egg cups and teapots — in short, everything to create fantasy of the cozy Irish countryside. I received a few blankets as a wedding present from an Irish girlfriend, so I only know them from their wool, but Avoca's done alot more in its near-300 years. They run Mount Usher Gardens, which earns all kinds of best-garden accolades, and cafes and foodhalls, which make me very hungry. If I felt industrious, I'd buy one of their cookbooks, but I'd rather someone else make the scones while I stock up on other things. 


An Abridged Avoca Wish List:
Argyle Scarf on a Spool (€39.95) - Who the hell needs a scarf on a spool? Well, exactly. 

Petit Pois Hottie (€39.95) - Hot water bottles are just so pinchably cute

Lambswool Throw (€49.95) - It's always a crisp fall day under this one. 

Honesty Butter Bell (€8.95) - Getting to show it off in this is incentive to make my own butter. (It's easier than you'd think. Take heavy cream and beat until it goes past whipped cream into a solid, about five minutes.) 


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