Just Back From: Philipsburg, Montana

by George Miscamble
All photos by George Miscamble

Fashion and art rep George Miscamble usually runs around with NYC's stylish set, but it never occurred to him to drive. Once he got his license, he took the wheel and headed west.

Just back from: Philipsburg, Montana. 

So, what brought you to Philipsburg? I recently read the journals of Lewis and Clark and was inspired to start my own westward expansion.

Was it your first time? Yes, first time in Montana. I hope to go back often.

Beware! Grizzly Territory

What was the best tip you got before you left? Never stand directly behind a horse and do not run if you encounter a grizzly bear.

How did you get there? I traveled from NYC LaGuardia > Denver > Helena, then drove two hours to Philipsburg. However, I ended up spending eight hours in the Denver airport courtesy of United Airlines. For my next visit, I hope to take a new direct NYC > Bozeman service.

Where did you stay? I stayed at the Ranch at Rock Creek and Sanders Inn in Helena, both of which I highly recommend. The Ranch at Rock Creek is a 6,600-acre property on the banks of Rock Creek with the most amazing canvas cabins. Sanders Inn in Helena is a beautifully restored mansion originally built by the Sanders Family in 1875.

What did you do? I spent one night in the state capital, Helena, sampling Montana city life. Three days in Philipsburg horseback riding and archery shooting at Ranch at Rock Creek. I went sifting for sapphires at the Sapphire Museum on Broadway in Philipsburg. Finally, I spent one day hiking in the beautiful Fallatin Valley.

The Locals

This was especially great: A land preservation bumper sticker that said "cows not condos."

But this wasn't: Thirteen hours of travel between NYC and Helena.

Let's talk about stuff
1. Glad you packed:
Warm sweaters.

2. Wish you'd packed: Raincoat.

3. Didn't need: My computer.

4. Brought back: A coffee mug with a drawing of a moose on it.

Speed round of favorites
1. Meal: Bison steak.

2. Neighborhood to explore: Main Street, Philipsburg. 

3. Thing you did: Horseback riding.

4. Cafe/casual hangout: The Sweet Palace.

What's the local speciality? Taxidermy and candy.

Were you there for the right amount of time? Five days was enough, but I could have stayed longer and explored more of the state.

One thing/place you didn't get to visit, but wanted to: Glacier National Park.

What's the #1 tip you'd give a friend who wanted to go? Purchase a one way ticket. You won't want to leave.

Any surprises? How friendly everybody was.

You can't stop thinking about: The wide-open spaces and big skies.

Would you go back? In a heartbeat.

Open Sky 


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