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VIDEO: Then I Went to Tunisia to Kitesurf

by Marko Roth

All photos by Marko Roth.

German filmmaker Marko Roth sent us a note on Facebook about the video he made about his recent and incredible kitesurfing trip in Zarzis, Tunisia. His video was so incredible, we wanted to hear the story behind his stay at the new kitesurf school Zarziskite.

Eight days in Zarzis, Tunisia, a Marko Roth production on Vimeo.

So what brought you to Zarzis? I went to Zarzis with two friends to learn kitesurfing at Zarziskite, a very good and brand new kite school that is still relatively unknown.

What was the best tip you got before you left? To get a local SIM card for making calls. Using your phone would be very expensive, but we only spent 10€ for the whole week to call anybody in Tunisia and Germany.

How did you get there? We flew to Djerba, then took a one-hour bus to Zarzis.

Zarzis beach

Learning to kitesurf

Your itinerary? We spent every day at Zarziskite and stayed at the all-inclusive Eden Beach Hotel.

This was especially great: The people were so open minded. Everybody tried to communicate with us, even those who didn't speak our language. It was so great to see how a whole country can just live in such a relaxed way.

Were you there for the right amount of time? One week is perfect to start learning kiting. I would have loved to spend more time driving around and get to know more of the area.

Zarzis fishing nets

Zarzis sunset

You can't stop thinking about: The Land Rover we drove had more than 450,000 km.

Would you go back? Definitely.


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