Little Black Book

Little Black Book: Pastry Chef's Paris

by Francois Payard
Francois Payard and a montage of sweets from Payard, Hermé, and Roger.

When a renowned, third-generation French pastry chef and cookbook author goes to the dessert capital of the world, where does he spend his calories? François Payard gave us his must-visit list.

Every time I go to Paris I try to eat out at as many new places as possible. That said, there are a few spots I always return to.


75 Champs-Élysées; +33-1-40-75-08-75
I usually have breakfast at Ladurée in Champs Elysées on my first day in Paris. I know it's a little touristy, but it's big and they have a great selection of breakfast pastries and treats.


24-26 Place de la Madeleine; 
After breakfast, I like to stroll to this shop, which sells savory prepared foods, cakes, biscuits, éclairs, and teas.

Pierre Hermé
185 rue de Vaugirard; +33-1-47-83-89-96
He's known for his macarons, of course.


Patrick Roger
108 boulevard St.-Germain;
I love Patrick Roger's approach to chocolate. He's as much an incredible chocolatier as he is an artist. His creations will really blow your mind. It's rare to have such creativity and artistry in chocolate, but Patrick Roger finds that perfect balance.

Pierre Marcolini 
89 rue de Seine; +33-1-44-07-39-07
I like the chocolate but I love the packaging. Chocolate is a gift — it's all about the packaging here.

Jean-Paul Hévan
231 rue St. Honoré; +33-1-55-35-35-96
For me, he is the best of the best.

George V


Restaurant Hiramatsu
52 rue de Longchamp; +33-1-56-81-08-80
Last time I was in Paris I had a chance to go here and just loved it.

Le Baratin
3 rue Jouye Rouve; +33-1-43-49-39-70
I went to Baratain a long time ago, but I will never forget it. I'll admit that I ended up getting so lost trying to find it, but once I got there I knew it was worth it. There were so many food lovers at this canteen. They do a small menu and offer great wine.

Racines Marchand De Vin
8 Passage des Panoramas; +33-1-40-13-06-41
A great little restaurant I love to eat at. It's tiny and the menu is very simple. There are only two appetizers, two mains, and two desserts listed on the board, so you have to be open-minded — but the food is always great because the chef is creative and uses only fresh ingredients. I've also discovered a lot of sulfite-free wine here.

Hotel George V
31 Av. George V; +33-1-49-52-70-00
My last night I always save a visit to George V, as it’s such a beautiful hotel.


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