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Mad for Football

by Hilary Bass Rifkin
Photo: Wonker

In most cities, the first thing someone might ask is, "What do you do?" In London, it's all about, "Who do you support?" The asker isn't inquiring about Labour or Conservative but rather football, that sport Americans call "soccer." 

There's always fuel for the fire: a match on the telly; a footballer getting fined or done over by the tabloids; a WAG releasing a record, perfume, and clothing line. Go ahead and get in the game.

Watch It in 3D 
- Marquis of Cornwallis (Bloomsbury)
Duke of Kendal (Connaught Village)
Walmer Castle (Notting Hill)

Show Your Colors
- Street vendors all along Oxford Street sell scarves, hats, (fake) jerseys.
- Sports Direct sells the real deal at steep discounts.

See a Live Match 
Arsenal and Chelsea may be the big guns, but it's worth trying for a ticket to see one of the two teams play for their completely different styles and their legendary status. Arsenal is style and finesse; Chelsea is power and force (or "brute force" if you consider thugs like John Terry).  
- For a more intimate stadium experience, try for Fulham or Crystal Palace tickets. 

Know Your Team's Fan Chant
Are You Tottenham In Disguise? 

Skip That Match and Visit the Locker Rooms
- Chelsea  

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