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12 Carefree Days in Oman Captured in 4 Minutes

by Marko Roth

Walking in the desert. All photos by Marko Roth and Vivien Schwarz.

Videographer Marko Roth presents us with a beautiful video of his twelve-day trip to Oman. Experience the thrill, authenticity, and deliciousness of this Middle Eastern country in a four-minute, action-packed video.

So, what brought you to Oman? 

My friends Lucas, Dominik, Vivi, and I were looking for cheap flights and found one to Muscat. A place we had never heard about meant something new to discover — we had to go.

What was your itinerary? 

We explored the Sultanate of Oman over the course of twelve days. We drove more than 4,200km across the unexplored and beautiful country. On our drive from north to south, we came across deserts, beautiful beaches, 3,000m-high mountains, and amazing wadis. We made friends with young and old Omanis, discovered absolutely stunning landscapes, and captured our entire experience on film.

What did you know by the last day that you wish you had known on the first? 

That 4,200km is a hell of a trip!

This was especially great:

We never saw any big tourist groups, no annoying people with their huge cameras. It was calm. We had to work to discover all the beautiful spots; there were no signs and you couldn’t really trust the GPS. I loved that.

Speed round of favorites.

1. Meal: Chicken sandwich and dates.

2. Cities to explore: Muscat, Salalah, and Musandam.

3. Things you did: You have to check out the dry riverbeds known as wadis. There are amazing spots cliff-jump!

4. Cafe: You get your daily dose of Arabic tea with dates everywhere.

Were you there for the right amount of time? 

I wish we had more time. Sometimes we really rushed through to see the whole country in only twelve days. Two or three more days would have been better.

You you can't stop thinking about: 

The dates. I fell in love with dates in Oman. It’s almost impossible to find tasty ones in Germany.

What's the #1 tip you'd give a friend who wanted to go? 

Don’t be scared of the religion or anything like that. We felt safe. Sometimes it felt even safer than my own country. 

Would you go back? 

I would go back to relax, enjoy the beautiful beaches, and take one more jump into the wadis.

Here's what they saw: 

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