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8 Things the Moon Juice Mastermind Won’t Leave Home Without

by Amanda Chantal Bacon
Amanda About to take the plunge. All photos courtesy of Amanda Chantal Bacon.

It comes as no surprise that LA's trendsetting Moon Juice mastermind Amanda Chantal Bacon likes traveling deep and far and wide. She shares her favorite products for staying healthy and looking cool on the go.

I’m constantly on the road for work and always tacking on an extra day to explore. I love traveling with my husband, and I get panicky if we don’t have a deep-dive, far-flung cultural trip on the horizon. My son loves hotels purely for jumping on beds, sleeping together, and ordering room service. No matter what's going on, some items always remain in my suitcase. Here they are:

Moon Juice SuperYou

Moon Juice SuperYou

It’s my non-negotiable, travel-friendly stress protection for body, mind, and spirit. ($49)

Blue Blue Japan

Blue Blue Japan Handkerchief

To cover my face on the plane, flip into a headband for crazy travel hair, and use as a neckerchief to spice up the same outfit worn over and over again. I picked this up in Tokyo and it became a traveling essential for a Japan/India trip I did a couple of years ago. I’ve never travelled without it since. ($56)

Agnes Baddoo Sac Belt

Agnes Baddoo Navy Belt Sac

I keep this close to my body with essentials like passport, cash, tickets, and hotel keys. Agnes gave this to me on my wedding day and I took it on my honeymoon. It has served me well — from 14-hour layovers in China to island-hopping to beach walks. ($300)

Lypospheric C

Lypospheric C

I travel with a box of this to keep up immunity and energy. ($33)

St. James Socks

Saint James Nautical Striped Socks

These are my uniform socks — I wear them with boots or Birkenstocks. I picked these up while traveling through France and was able to turn my slip-on sandals into chilly-weather shoes. ($17.50)

Moon Juice Beauty Shroom

Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Plumping Jelly Serum

I apply this to my face and lips multiple times during a flight and it really helps to soothe and plump my skin. ($58)

Charlotte's Web CBD Hemp Oil

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Advanced – Olive Oil

I take a little to help with inflammation and jet lag on the road. ($39)

Tumi World Wide Trip Packing Case

Tumi World Wide Trip Packing Case

With a hard shell! This is what I pack when I go out treasure-hunting in the world. I will barely pack anything and return with it stuffed to the gills. It’s the biggest and most protective suitcase I’ve come across. ($625)

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