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Reboot Your Mind, Body, and Home with 13 New Wellness Goodies

by California Chaney
Modern Finally a stylish way to bring your lunch to work. Photo courtesy of Modern Picnic.

Here they come: The next can't-live-without, craze-worthy, mind-and-body obsessed products. At this summer's FounderMade Discovery Show in New York City — a conference dedicated to showcasing the latest forward-thinking brands disrupting the wellness, beauty, and health industry — what I discovered (other than CBD-laced everything for eating, drinking, and slathering on) is that everyday essentials are becoming smarter — to make our daily hustles easier, enhance our Zen, and increase our awareness about what we put in our bodies. Here's a baker's dozen of new brands and products that impressed.

Modern Picnic Chic Lunch Boxes

We all know bringing your lunch to work is a cheaper, healthier, and faster solution than take-out. Now it can even be chic with a 100-percent vegan leather and insulated lunchbox, which can double in disguise as a purse for after-work drinks. No shame in storing extra snacks to skip the greasy happy hour menu. ($49 and $149)

Photo courtesy of Kin Euphorics.

Kin Euphorics Booze-Free Cocktails

Speaking of happy hour, self-care doesn't have to stop at sunset if you're drinking sober-curious adaptogenic drinks made from high-quality ingredients and minerals that have a reverse-hangover effect. The company also make a booze-free liquor that can be mixed with seltzer for a sort of Aperol spritz. (From $27)

Photo courtesy of Sundaily.

Sundaily Base Layer Defender Gummies

Ever dreamed of a sunscreen pill that would protect your whole body? While scientists are still cracking that code, these daily gummy vitamins can help boost your skin's natural ability to fight free radicals, UV light, and smog. ($39)

Photo courtesy of The Vanity Project.

The Vanity Project Wine Wipes

An ingenious idea for those of us who get "malbec mouth" after drinking red wine: a discreet way to wipe away wine stains from your teeth and mouth. ($18)

Photo courtesy of Final Straw.

Final Straw Collapsible Travel Straw

Finally: a collapsible version of your favorite turtle-friendly product. ($30)

Photo courtesy of Eaton Hemp.

Eaton Hemp Snack Squares

First it was quinoa, then chia seeds. What's next? Hemp. In the form of super snack-able squares or as toasted super seeds filled with fiber, omega nutrients, and protein. Great to eat alone or add as granola to a yogurt bowl, super seeds come in flavors like Himalayan pink salt, ancho chili BBQ, and maple cinnamon, while the squares come in cashew coconut mango and walnut apple cinnamon. ($20)

Photo courtesy of Squeak.

Squeak Household Cleaning Products

Just as important as what you put in you is what surrounds you. Make yours a clean home and office with a series of all-natural cleaning products. The collection includes all-purpose and glass sprays, floor cleaners, scrubs, and yoga mat cleaners, in scents like lemon, rosemary, and cedarwood; citrus eucalyptus; and lemongrass and geranium. Refills and subscription programs make this an even more eco- and budget-friendly option. (From $10)

Photo courtesy of Oxigen.

Oxigen Shots

Have you ever been to an oxygen bar? Now you can take your favorite element on the go with very portable oxygen booster shots. Great for whenever you are traveling (hiking, skiing) at high altitude. ($2)

Photo courtesy of LivOn Labs.

LivOn Labs Vitamin C Packets

I never travel without these and swear by them for not getting sick on planes. Squeeze the highly-absorbable 1000mg dose of vitamin C to a small glass of water. ($33)

And Now for the CBDs...

Photo courtesy Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics.

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics

Remember how Trident got dentists to help it sell gum? No doubt adding a physician's name to the label — along with medical-looking packaging and a giant red-and-white cross logo — will help this collection of CBD topical creams, sticks, and sprays feel totally legit. Four formulations are designed to target relief (from discomfort, tension, stiffness), sleep (reduce anxiety, stress, tension), PMS, and skin woes (irritations, burns, scratches). (From $40)

Photo courtesy of Highline Wellness.

Highline Wellness CBD Chews

There's no escaping CBD, which now comes in every shape and form. We're excited about buzzy chewable CBD gummies in vegan and non-vegan options. The company is expanding its range to release a more personal CBD option for a morning or nighttime chill. ($35)

Photo courtesy of Rosebud CBD.

Rosebud CBD Drops

Of all the CBD drops and salves, this comes very highly recommended as a full-spectrum, 100-percent organic whole-plant CBD, with different strengths and doses for your perfect chill level. ($55 and up)

Photo courtesy of Mr. Moxey's

Mr Moxey's CBD Mints

The most discrete CBD option looks like an Altoids mint box with different flavors for different moods (balancing, energizing, relaxing). THC is a boosted ingredient, so only some states allow it. ($40)

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