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Five Stars for This Hilarious Book of One-Star Reviews

by Mike Lowery
All book images courtesy of Andrew McMeel Publishing.

We're not shy about rolling our eyes at the reviews left on sites like Yelp and Google. See our series "Real Actors Read TripAdvisor" — The Bird in the Salsa and Beware the Boston Duck Tour

We made two funny videos; New York Times best-selling illustrator Mike Lowery produced a whole body of work.

What a treat! His new book, One Star Wonders: The Worst Reviews of the World's Greatest Places was inspired by a review of the Taj Mahal that read "The WiFi is awful! One star."  (Seriously: Why do some people even leave home.) These laugh-out-loud interpretations of his favorite one-star reviews may be "sort of like the opposite of a travel guide," as he writes in the introduction, but they reaffirm our love for the sites mentioned. We're leaving the book out on the coffee table for any time we need a quick chuckle, and we've bought a slew to give away as host gifts. Have a look at the selections excerpted here, and you'll see why we can't recommend the book highly enough.

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