Packing List: Scott Conant

by Scott Conant

Scott Conant in the kitchen: planning, scheming, and organizing.

While shuttling between his restuarants in New York City, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, and Toronto, chef Scott Conant has trimmed the fat from his packing system. He breaks down his essentials: 

Camera: Sony A55 AVDHD is the perfect point-and-shoot with (almost) professional quality.

Gadget: I love the iPad. It's perfect for carrying multiple books without getting weighed down. I normally read three books at a time, so it's saved me a lot of space over the past few years.

Soundtrack: Music is important. I can't go anywhere without some Bob Dylan, Jay Z, Kanye, Willie Nelson, Dean Martin — even Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Bossa Nova, and old school R&B. Traveling with a good mood is key for me.

Screen gem: I always have Love Actually downloaded somewhere. I love that movie. 

Instant-Upgrade: I am loving Mariage Feres Marco Polo green tea right now. I gave up coffee three months ago and this is getting me through it.

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