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Tifamade's 11 Perfect Paris Picnic Spots

by Tiffany Iung
The Kinfolk and Tifamade evening picnic. Photos: Courtesy of dequelleplaneteestu.com

We can't think of anything more French than a crusty baguette in a bicycle basket. Except a crusty baguette in a bicycle basket on the way to a Parisian picnic. We asked Tiffany Iung, of the local Tifamade bike sandwich delivery service, where she likes to pedal and park. 

PARIS – Finding a place to enjoy a picnic is pretty easy in Paris. Whether it's an impromptu gathering with potato chips and wine from the nearest Franprix or something planned to perfection, I've mapped my favorite places in the city to unfurl a blanket.

1. The end of Île de la Cité
Anywhere you sit along the Seine is going to be great. I like it here because it makes me feel like I'm at the edge of Paris. There's a nice garden, and the Batomouche stops nearby.

2. Lac Inférieur
I recommend cycling through Bois de Boulogne because it is immense. You can break to rent canoes. Picture perfect.

3. Port Debilly
This picnic location takes a little scouting to find. Last year I hosted a picnic for Kinfolk magazine with my friend Rubi. It's just opposite the Eiffel Tower, so you get quite a light show at night.

Kinfolk Tifamade Paris Picnic

The view from the Kinfolk + Tifamade picnic. Photo: Courtesy of dequelleplaneteestu.com

4. Playground at Les Halles
Les Halles are under construction right now, so it's unpleasant to be there and difficult to find a place in this quartier with a little shade. My friend Isabelle told me about this space. When not under construction, sit on cute little benches with your sandwich when you have just a few moments to spare.

5. Palais Royale
The name doesn't lie. It's beautiful and a bit fussy, and there is always fantastic people watching. Rue Sainte-Anne is just next door. I recommend picking up sushi and yaki onigiri at K-Mart and coming here to enjoy it.

6. Quai de Jemmapes
This is where the cool kids hang out. There are a number of cafés along the canal that serve take-out beer. The park across the street is also pretty nice and has a fun playground for kids.

Paris Picnic

Watermelons on a stick. Candlelight. Photo: Courtesy of dequelleplaneteestu.com.

7. Parc des Buttes Chaumont
This park is the king of parks. On a sunny day, blankets are lined up close enough that you can lean over and borrow your neighbor's corkscrew. The famous bar Rosa Bonheur is here too, if you feel like lining up for some Sunday night pole-dancing (I'm not kidding).

8. Parc de la Villette
It seems far, but this is really only a twenty minute bike ride along the canal. It's great for everyday picnics, but Villette Sonique in May and free outdoor movies in July and August are my favorite.

9. Rue Mouffetard
Okay, so this isn't technically a picnic place. But there is a corner here where a few benches are put out in good weather. There is a Franprix grocery store for supplies. One of my favorite places to sit and watch a Sunday go by (the last time I was here, Charlize Theron ate lunch five feet away from me).

Paris Picnic Day

Photo: Clement Pascal

10. Jardin du Luxembourg
It's no secret that Jardin du Luxembourg is a beautiful place. What isn't so obvious is that you can't actually SIT ON THE GRASS here. It's all benches. But there is hands-down the best playground in Paris here. A must if you have children.

11. Steps of Eglise Saint-Roch
This church is down the street from the fashionista-famous boutique Colette. Get your shop on and then rest your heels with a snack on the steps. Guaranteed satisfying street style sightings.


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