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Everyday Urban in Joburg and Durban

by Lee Litumbe
All photos by Lee Litumbe.

When we met Lee Litumbe, she was about to quit her day job in Atlanta, Georgia, and dedicate herself to exploring, photographing, and promoting travel to Africa via her blog Spirited Pursuit. On a trip to South Africa for Fathom, she captured the energy, vibrancy, and color of Johannesburg and Durban. 

Jozi's most vibrant and up-and-coming neighborhoods is called Maboneng Precinct. It's one of only a few walkable areas of the city, with young businesses, great food, cool people (who gather often at the flea market). It's the place to go to get a taste of everyday local life and style.

A performance put on for patrons at a traditional restaurant on Vilakazi Street, a main thoroughfare in the Johannesburg township of Soweto. These talented guys did a combination of singing, stepping, and dancing, which really brought the spirit of the community alive.

With an easy vibe most coastal towns are known for, I found myself particularly drawn to Durban. Early morning walks on the beach to capture sunrise transitioned to people-watching at a near by skate park. I came across a group of young guys setting up to shoot for what seemed like a rap video and couldn't miss the chance to capture some of it.

At a community studio in Durban, I was drawn to this particular shy and reserved painter because his work was quite bold and colorful. If you open your eyes as you walk down the streets and peer into alleyways, you'll see that art is everywhere here. 

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