It's My First Time

Hi. I'm Banff. Welcome to Canada!

by Becky Cheang

A baby rock pile stands proud before the Canadian Rockies. All photos by Becky Cheang.

Fathom editorial assistant (and intrepid Girl Friday) Becky Cheang went to Canada for the first time and didn't find what she was expecting in Banff.

ALBERTA, Canada – I grew up in Singapore watching American television. Which is how I learned everything I know about Canada. Like that they say "eh" all the time. That maple syrup is the best thing ever. And that ice hockey is a religion.

Then I finally went to Canada on assignment to take a train through the Rockies. I spent my first day in Banff, Alberta, and I didn't hear a single "eh" or even see a bottle of maple syrup. Okay, it's true that you shouldn't mention ice hockey unless you want to get sucked into a black hole of passionate debate.

What I really want to know is why nobody ever told me Canada is so. Freaking. Beautiful. Why aren't people talking about the Canadian Rockies more? (Or why am I talking to all the wrong people?) 

It was a perfect introduction to a new favorite country.


Hi. I'm Banff. Welcome to Canada!


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