Let Us Send You Snail Mail from North Korea

by Team Fathom

Postcards from DPRK. Photo courtesy of Uri Tours.

Forbidden travel ephemera. We like the sound of it. 

And we thought you would too, which is why we jumped at the chance to collaborate with Uri Tours, a Korean tour operator that guides travelers around North Korea. They offered to send 100 Fathom readers DPRK-made postcards through the North Korean postal system while Uri Tours is there in April, covering the Pyongyang Marathon for us on Instagram.

Here's how you can snag a souvenir. 

1. Follow Fathom on Facebook.
2. Follow Uri Tours on Facebook.
3. Send an email to with your address.

The first 100 Fathom readers to enter will receive a specialty postcard via North Korean post. Contest ends March 15, 2015.

Want to know more?

Read our full interview with Uri Tours and tune into our Instgram feed (4/11 & 4/12) for live coverage of the marathon and a tour of the country's capital city.

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