Nature in All Its Glory

At Ramblewild, Spend Your Day Up in the Trees

by Robert Christian Malmberg

The grand suspension bridge. All photos by Robert Christian Malmberg.

When Fathom's photography contributor Robert Christian Malmberg told us he was visiting a sustainable aerial adventure park in the woods of New England, we could not picture what he was talking about. So he showed us.

MASSACHUSETTS – Ramblewild is a beautiful series of bridges, ziplines, and platforms high up in the trees of the Berkshires. Kids of all ages can spend a day in nature, pushing the limits of their strength and nerves while taking in amazing views. A winter visit led to meeting the gregarious and big-picture-thinking owner Paolo Cugnasca, who runs the multi-use destination (part obstacle course, part education center, park maple syrup farm) with his conservation-minded daughter, Valentina.

How does testing your balance on moving logs or swinging like Tarzan through the trees relate to ecology and preservation? Paolo put it best when he said, "Ramblewild is the perfect antidote to city life: It takes visitors back to a natural world we city-dwellers may have forgotten about; it provides an experience as unique as it is adventurous to families and weekend warriors; and it unquestionably proves that 50 feet above the ground, everybody is a tree-hugger."


110 Brodie Mountain Road
Lanesborough, Massachusetts 01237

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