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A Global Recipe App for People With Absolutely No Cooking Skills

by Daniel Schwartz

Photo courtesy of Kitchen Stories.

With all the recipes in the world (including the travel-inspired ones on Fathom), where is a beginner cook to start? Today on Tech Tuesday, we're looking at a cooking app that promises to make meal prep less intimidating.

Cooking is a great way to travel at home, but if you're the kind of person whose culinary skills extend only so far as preparing instant ramen, the endeavor may seem completely out of reach. Unless you're cooking something from Kitchen Stories.

On the app and website are straightforward recipes inspired by cuisines from around the world — Turkish lentil soup, Taiwanese pork belly, Mediterranean muffins. Each is rated and reviewed by fellow users and comes with an ingredient list that auto-adjusts based on serving size, a utensil list, a wine pairing, a nutritional overview, and step-by-step instructions.

But what makes the streamlined platform an amateur chef's best friend is its collection of handy how-to videos. The concise shorts cover the basics: knife skills, baking techniques, and tutorials (how to make soy milk, spring roll wrappers, and sauce Bernaise). Educational articles — like how to deal with common kitchen catastrophes — round out the offerings and double as dinner conversation fodder.


Though they make no claim to being strictly authentic, the collection of international recipes on Kitchen Stories is a great starting point for beginner cooks who want to explore the world through their tastebuds. Aesthetically pleasing design, photography, and video bring a spoonful of clarity to the cooking experience.


Download for free on iTunes or Google Play or access their content on



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