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World's Most Spacious Flash Drive Will Fit Every File You Travel With

by Daniel Schwartz

Take it to go. Photo by Radek Grzybowski / Unsplash.

Welcome to Tech Tuesday, a new column that highlights the latest digital trends, travel gadgets, and online services that help you get from A to B with as little fuss as possible. First-up, a pocket-friendly drive that can store more info than your computer.

Flash drives are sort of like suitcases, and if an ordinary thumb drive, which generally maxes out at 128GB of memory, is like a standard checked bag, then the 2TB Data Traveler Ultimate GT from Kingston, revealed last week at CES 2017, is luggage big enough to fill the whole damn cargo hold — and may cost as much as an overseas ticket.

What that means: Take hundreds of thousands of photos, travel to the tune of half a million songs, or fly with 166 full-length HD movies and never dread a layover again.

If that doesn't sound like enough storage for something about the size of your thumb, there's always Kingston's upcoming title-taking 2,000TB model, which will certainly be the last external drive most people will ever need.


While there are more economical ways of traveling with large files, some will consider the convenience of fitting a proper ton of digital stuff on a keychain worth the price. That is, if future computers don't abandon their USB ports.


The world's most spacious USB flash drive goes on sale in February on The price has not been announced yet, but last year's 1TB model clocked in at $1,200.

Kingston 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT

Photo courtesy of Kingston.


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