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Spotlight on Rio 2016: Volume I

by Madison Cuthbertson

Laugh out loud to the range of reactions to the 2016 games in Rio. Photos (clockwise from top-left) by @dlv_online, @joaosousaoficial, @rio2016brasil, @usweekly, @natgeotravel, and @bewarmers.

Whether you're cheering in the stands at the Rio Olympics or from your sofa at home, we know all eyes are on the athletes. But what about the spectators themselves? How are people around the world reacting to the games?

Over the past few days, I've scavenged through the gold mine that is NBC Sports on YouTube and pulled together my favorite fan, athlete, and team reactions to date. In this first volume: squirmy contortions, full-out sprints, and happy, little jigs. Body language is universal.

Take 45 seconds to experience the energy at the Rio Olympics:


Fathom Rio Guide

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