Nature in All Its Glory

Zim, Zam, Zowie and the Wonders of Safari

by James Sturz

Elephants doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. All photos by James Sturz.

Fathom's contributing koan editor James Sturz has explored the mysteries of Kenyan wildlife, the Bengal tigers of Madhya Pradesh, the furry mammothness of the Canadian Rockies, and the utter savagery of Parisian runways. Now he turns his sights on former Northern and Southern Rhodesia, today known as Zambia and Zimbabwe.

ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE – After participating in last year's Tour de TuliWilderness Safaris' annual four-day, 300-km (186-mile) mountain-bike ride across some of southern Africa's toughest terrain — I recovered by going on safari for a few days and nights at Linkwasha and Little Makalolo Camps in Zimbabwe and Toka Leya Camp in Zambia. But even off my bike, my heart kept beating fast.

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