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Get Lost in the Souks of Marrakech

by Anna Petrow

Goods that grab your attention. Even when you don't know what they are. All photos by Anna Petrow. 

MARRAKECH – I've traveled extensively. I've been to many places. But by far, the wildest place I've experienced is the souk in Marrakech. The open-air Berber marketplace is a completely foreign and entirely authentic world. No hoards of tourists. No visible Western influence. Just the pure and beautiful culture of Morocco.

I could describe the labyrinthine soil paths winding back into the bowels of the Grand Medina. I could tell you about pungent spice stalls, glimmering jewelry, and silver light fixtures that cast their intricately patterned glow on colorful rugs woven by ancient Berber tribes. I could relay the surprise and wonder I felt after discovering that snake charming is real, and yes, it's taking place next to a fresh-squeezed orange juice stand in the center of the bustling marketplace. But I won't tell my story with words.

I'll do it with pictures. Because, on top of the conflicting smells of live animals and silky spices, above the sounds of desperate hawking merchants and street music, it's the striking imagery of the marketplace that stays with me to this day.


Carpets, camels, and colors galore. See the slideshow.


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