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The Easy Way to Keep Gadgets Clean on the Go

by Pavia Rosati
Wipe it down. Photo courtesy of Spruce & Co.

As far as travel calamities go, grimy iPhone and laptop screens rank pretty low on the list. But it doesn't take long for 1,000 snapshots of Havana and a trans-Atlantic flight's worth of TV shows on the iPad take their toll. Peanuts + keyboard + tomato juice + power button = fingerprinty messes. Ugly displays are only half the problem. Germs are the other.

Do I sound too fussy? Maybe. But when the belongings I have are limited to those I can carry, I pay extra attention to them. Unfortunately, a bottle of iClean solution and a microfiber cleaning cloth will never make the packing cut.

Here's what does: Spruce & Co.'s screen cleaning wipes. Individually wrapped in rainbow-colored foil packets, they're more effective cleaners than eyeglass cloths or the bottom of the T-shirt you are wearing. Plant-based and ammonia-, alcohol-, and fragrance-free, the wipes are formulated to be screen safe, which is more than I can say for the alcohol wipes I've been using. So what's in them? Some form of coconut, making them not only useful but also on-trend. Finally, they're really efficient: One can go a long way, handling two laptops, two iPhones, and three pairs of glasses. This last isn't insignificant for shoppers who, like me, suffer from single-use packaging guilt. These cute little cleaners earn their keep in the carry-on.


Spruce & Co.'s screen cleaning wipes are sold in packages of 20 for $14.99. Monthly subscription packages are available on Spruce & Co.'s website.


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