The Roundup

Two Dozen Destination Paper Shops for Stationery Junkies

by Becky Cheang

Photo courtesy of Kikki.K.

My grand love affair with paper products began when I was six or seven; mom took me shopping for my first notebook and pen at a Paperchase store in Singapore. The colors, designs, and textures got me hooked.

This was also when I first learned financial management; I used to set aside pocket money each week for new erasers or other items from my school’s bookshop. Stationery became the thing I asked for at birthdays and Christmas. By the time I was in high school, I had collected such a massive collection of blank notebooks and writing pads that my mom enforced a strict no-purchasing rule until I finished using the ones I already had. It didn't work.

Fast forward to today. I've taken my addiction worldwide, pushing the limit of my check-in allowance to bring home greeting cards, pretty maps, vintage postcards, notebooks, handmade paper … it goes on. The result? A very minor storage problem and this working list of a dozen cities with destination stationery shops.